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Four Reasons to have your Jackson Hole Wedding at Moose Creek Ranch

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I recently visited Jackson Hole to photograph a wedding, and now I’m itching to go back. Although the wedding I was there for didn’t happen at Moose Creek Ranch, I lodged there and quickly became obsessed with every inch of this glorious place. On my final morning there, I took these photos as I soaked up the last minutes of pure bliss. I’m determined to get back there asap, so I’ve compiled four reasons why you should have your Jackson Hole Wedding at Moose Creek Ranch.


Reason #1 for having your Jackson Hole Wedding at Moose Creek Ranch

ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES! If you’re into the idea of having a wedding weekend rather than just one day, Moose Creek Ranch is ideal. There are communal fire pits, picnic tables, a volleyball net, and an incredible hang out space in the main lodge. The idea of having a wedding weekend that feels like summer camp for adults is RAD, and I’d like to be there to photograph it (wink wink).


Reason #2

GOATS! And their herding dog PENNY!

As my flight landed at Jackson Hole Airport, I received an introductory text from the staff at Moose Creek Ranch. The text informed me that I might encounter a dog named Penny, and she might bring along her goats. They do no belong to the ranch, but reside at a nearby farm and tend to wander over and mingle with the guests. Penny and I became fast friends, and we sought each other out every morning. She even tried to follow me into my cabin one morning to get a bite of my bagel, but I figured that would probably be frowned upon. My second morning, I woke up to goats right outside of my cabin grazing on grass, and I was beyond amused. Animals always bring a smile to my face, so it was impossible not to be happy during the entirety of my stay.


Reason #3

Your whole group (of 65 people or less) can stay onsite! Moose Creek Ranch has a variety of lodging options to suit all of your guests preferences and budgets. I stayed in one of the Twin Cabins (pictured below) and it was absolutely perfect. There was a full kitchen, living area, dining table, bedroom, bathroom, and views for days. In addition to the Twin Cabins, they also have Rendezvous Cabins, the Ranch House (which would be perfect for you and your wedding party), Lodge Suites, Glamping Cabins (for those who like to rough it a little), and tons of RV hookups. Their accommodations are the perfect combination of modern and rustic, so that you feel one with nature but cozy at the same time.


And finally, Reason #4 for having your Jackson Hole Wedding at Moose Creek Ranch

VIEWS FOR DAYS! Although Moose Creek Ranch is tucked away from the grandiosity of the Grand Tetons, the views are still impeccable and 360 degrees. If you are game to drive offsite for photos, there are several trailheads and roadside views close by that will encompass the full beauty of Jackson Hole. They also have a few different ceremony site options that offer varying vibes and views.


All images in this post taken by Sara Boyd, a Destination Wedding Photographer.

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For more info about having your Jackson Hole Wedding at Moose Creek Ranch, check out their website.