To increase representation for LGBTQIA+ couples in the wedding industry

To give wedding vendors an opportunity to diversify their portfolio in order to attract LGBTQIA+ clientele 

To create a safe space for LGBTQIA+ couples where their love is celebrated

To build a network of like-minded inclusive wedding vendors

the purpose

After being in the wedding industry for nearly a decade, I have noticed little to no increase in representation for LGBTQIA+ couples among major publications. After having a handful of LGBTQIA+ couples inquire with me before I had them represented in my work, I realized that it's daunting for couples to reach out to vendors that don't have people like them in their portfolio. LGBTQIA+ couples operate under the assumption of rejection before they've even inquired, because they are used to not being supported. I'm on a mission to increase their representation in the wedding industry, give photographers and other vendors opportunities to get representation in their work without having to book a wedding, and to simply show that love is love.  

Anyone who supports the mission of these editorials is welcome to participate! I'm always on the hunt for real LGBTQIA+ couples to model (no experience required), inclusive vendors to provide their stunning services, and photographers to participate in the shoots.



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Bella Cavalli
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June 6 2021