two things you should know about me

Equality and Representation are at the core of everything I do.

I will never not laugh at a fart.

This all started because I answered an ad on Craigslist seeking a wedding photography intern.

Photography had been my passion ever since I could operate a camera, but I went to college with the intention of getting a non-arts degree to avoid being a "starving artist".

After realizing that I found everything besides photography unfulfilling, I said fuck it, changed my major, and answered that fateful Craigslist Ad. Here we are nearly ten years later, and I'm still friends with the person who posted that Craiglist Ad (thanks for not being a murderer, Jenna).

sara facts

partial to hound dog ears

drag queens are royalty

enneagram six

Bojangles, always

retired tap dancer

they think i'm pretty cool

"She's just a dope person in general. Sara has an amazing sense of humor and I'm sure has never met a stranger, so she fits right in with everyone else who is at the wedding to celebrate. You feel like she is there enjoying every moment right along with you. And because of the effortlessness with which she moves and the way she puts people at ease, she is able to truly capture the essence of a couple and their community of loved ones."


"One word. Queen. Okay two words, perfection! Sara is not only beyond talented, have you seen her images? That’s a given. Her personality is so warm and welcoming she made not just us but everyone so comfortable. Multiple people came up to me and said your photographer is so calm and amazing. Some of the images I received I truly believe she might of been in a bush to take them. She’s like a ninja, nothing felt over posed just completely natural and timeless. This was hands down the best vendor decision I ever made!!"


"BEST WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER OUT THERE!!! Literally cannot emphasize that enough. As a photographer, she has an unparalleled eye and ability to capture the magical moments that often go unseen. Her candid shots are the best and capture all the emotion of the event. We are not typically the most photogenic couple but we look like magazine quality models in her photos. We are honestly in love with our wedding photos and couldn’t be happier with Sara Boyd."