Growing up with two older brothers, the word ladylike was never in my vocabulary. At a young age, I created a yoga-like fart pose with one of my brothers (that I will demonstrate upon request), and even won a summer camp talent show because I made fart noises by blowing into a straw under my armpit.

What does any of that have to do with being a wedding photographer? Nothing. But I value authenticity (and humor) and didn't want to make you read another boring biography page.

When I'm not photographing badass couples or coming up with other ways to make fart noises, you can expect me to be a makeup-less and bra-less bum. I take multiple opportunities each day just to tell my dogs, Cooper and Goose, how much I love them. I also express my love to my husband Jordan, but his ears aren't nearly as soft.

I have degrees from College of Charleston in Studio Art (concentration in photography) and Arts Management. My photography journey didn't begin there though, as I have had a camera in my hand since the age of 12. Photography has always been a source of simultaneous thrill and relaxation for me, so I feel insanely grateful that I was able to build a career doing what I truly love and enjoy.

meet your photographer

sara boyd

This is Cooper.

She's my precious angel.
She also goes by newt, thumper tail, and chunky monkey. I adopted her straight out of college as a graduation present to myself. She's part beagle, part lab, and 100% CHONKY.

This is Goose.

He's a chaotic dummy.
He also goes by Sir Goosington, Handsome Prince, and Goofum. Jordan applied to adopt him without my knowledge. He's a parrot and is happiest when his butt is on a human.

they think i'm dope

"She's just a dope person in general. Sara has an amazing sense of humor and I'm sure has never met a stranger, so she fits right in with everyone else who is at the wedding to celebrate. You feel like she is there enjoying every moment right along with you. And because of the effortlessness with which she moves and the way she puts people at ease, she is able to truly capture the essence of a couple and their community of loved ones."


"One word. Queen. Okay two words, perfection! Sara is not only beyond talented, have you seen her images? That’s a given. Her personality is so warm and welcoming she made not just us but everyone so comfortable. Multiple people came up to me and said your photographer is so calm and amazing. Some of the images I received I truly believe she might of been in a bush to take them. She’s like a ninja, nothing felt over posed just completely natural and timeless. This was hands down the best vendor decision I ever made!!"


"BEST WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER OUT THERE!!! Literally cannot emphasize that enough. As a photographer, she has an unparalleled eye and ability to capture the magical moments that often go unseen. Her candid shots are the best and capture all the emotion of the event. We are not typically the most photogenic couple but we look like magazine quality models in her photos. We are honestly in love with our wedding photos and couldn’t be happier with Sara Boyd."